Chargo Stations

Chargo is a network of charging stations for electric cars. They contacted me to create a logo and a small brand book. Below you’ll see the process from sketch to its final shape, the colour palette and font choice.


Logo design
Visual identity




August, 2021


The story

In August 2021, I was asked to create a brand identity for charging stations in Romania. I teamed up with Sonia to find a naming, create a logo and a brand book with colours, fonts and imagery.

From a long list of names we all agreed to the number one favourite of them all: Chargo. It’s really self-explanatory: to charge = charge your electric/ plug-in hybrid car + GO = let’s go and ride. So it’s a charging station that lets you charge then travel with your full battery.


The challenge

The next step was to find a visual identity for this naming and the lead concept was a fellow – something. We knew we wanted a robot, a personalised character that speaks for electric car owners. Who was a better fellow than the socket that plugs in your car? Simple and minimalist, speaks for the product in a direct way. The electric concept in Romania is still new so we had to use all the elements to show and explain at its best and easiest way for the clients.

Another challenge was to find a colour scheme. We proposed a gradient between blue and green, a mix that shows both electric/ eco cars and hybrid ones (which have blue as an emblem). That’s how we developed a fresh and innovative scheme, a brand that speaks both professionally and friendly.


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