Civil Engineering Construction Company Branding

Faveo is a  new construction company that makes various buildings in Bucharest, Romania and not only. The word faveo is latin and it means ‘to be favourable to’.​​​​​​​
The story

After some days of research, we came across a list showing various elements used in buildings. We needed to use a pattern to go with the letter ‘F’ so we used many grids. 

One of the best grids to use was the one that showed the pattern of a concrete block - the most used for construction. To help the logo breathe and be simplified the result behind illustrating this grid were a few diagonal lines. These lines are used in sketching the bricks or even steel/ other metal (in a minimalist way). 

The letter alone was cut along the diagonal lines to give it an elegant interlace with the symbol. The end result of this symbol was to smooth a few corners just to add a bit of finesse to what Faveo does - not only buildings, but also top quality work with professionals that are quite good working with details.
Here are some bits from Faveo brand book, important aspects such as the font, imagery style, with colourful, hi-res images, big landscapes, perspectives. There aren't too many colours being used at the moment, there are only two colours in the logo, carmine red and vivid cerulean.
Thanks for watching!

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