The idea came to me while I was browsing over my parents' old postcards. Some of them had this communist font. So, that was when I got this idea - to make a logo for each neighborhood in my city. Why my city? Because I (thought) I knew it better. Well, I discovered that there are so many things I didn't had any idea about so I developed the project in a new one - promoting my city. I created a new page, called Branding Bucharest - it's both in Romanian and in English. You can browse here for more images.

The project was featured in many online publications like: IQads, Hot News, Business Review, Sub25, Decat o Revista, PhotoExplorers, TATAIA.

I had 3 exhibits at Nou9, Asociatia Rhabillage and Cafe Verona.

I also appeared on TV! On Digi24

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